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SKU# 304-00513

BP Manoir Shingles Bavaria

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Product Overview

Just like natural stone, Manoir shingles were made to last and handle the roughest weather. Their extensive dual-layer construction, elastomeric asphalt formulation, and improved sealant ensure longer-lasting protection.

Key Features

  • Standard warranty for winds of up to 220km/h – No special installation method required
  • Enhanced dual sealant strips for optimal resistance against wind and water infiltration
  • Class 3 Impact resistance rating
  • Coverage - 3.00 m2 (32.3 ft2)
  • Exposure - 146 mm (5 ¾ in)
  • Shingles/Bundle - 20
  • Bundles/Pallet - 32
  • Standards - CSA A123.5, ASTM D3462, ASTM D3018 ASTM D7158 – Class H, ASTM D3161 – Class F Fire Resistance Class A in accordance with ASTM E108, UL790 Class 3 Impact Resistance as per FM4473