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UPC Code: 067735309648 36MMX50M PAINTERS TAPE 4/PACK CA$14.99/Package
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Product Overview

Special adhesive formula which gives this tape characteristics of both rubber and acrylic adhesives. Medium quick stick. Adhesion remains stable over time. Adheres well to many types of surfaces. Can be used on delicate surfaces. Very good resistance to UV's. Can be left on surfaces for up-to 10 days if not exposed to direct sunlight. Provides easy and clean removal.

Key Features

  • Easy, clean removal from most surfaces
  • Excellent conformability
  • Smooth backing for superior paint lines
  • Consistent, easy unwind
  • Resistant to humidity and paint bleed-through
  • Secure adhesion
  • For use on regular, semi-delicate and delicate surfaces
  • For masking application where UV resistance is required
  • Designed to resist most paint and lacquer