Dow Styrofoam Dock Float Billet 10IN x 20IN x 96IN

10"X20"X96" BUOYANCY BILLETS CA$160.00/Each
14 Available

Product Overview

STYROFOAM Brand Buoyancy Billets are an excellent choice for floating structures such as docks, rafts and boathouses. The large blocks or "billets" of rigid extruded polystyrene foam are lightweight, quick to install and won't lose their buoyancy, even if punctured. They are unaffected by salt or fresh water, won't waterlog, rust or corrode, and are resistant to damage from destructive marine growth. STYROFOAM(TM) Brand Buoyancy Billets are composed of millions of tiny air cells, each one acting as an independent buoyancy chamber. One 10" x 20" x 96" (25 x 51 x 244 cm) STYROFOAM Brand Buoyancy Billet has an average buoyancy that is approximately 150 percent greater than a 55-gallon (208-liter) drum. In fact, just one cubic foot (0.03 cubic meter) of the foam billets can float up to 55 pounds

Key Features

  • Boucancy force = 690 lbs