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1-1/2" TO 3" BLACK ROOF FLASHING 19"X11" BASE 2/12 TO 20/12 PITCH OATEY HIGH-RISE #11930

UPC Code: 038753119304 1-1/2" TO 3" BLACK ROOF FLASHING CA$13.17/Each
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Product Overview

Patented one-piece design; sealing collar will not come off. Capable of working on roof pitch from 2/12 (10 degrees) to 20/12 (60 degrees) without stress on collar. Tear-away ring on the collar provides options for sealing different pipe sizes and types. Larger thermoplastic base than normal NO-CAULK flashings. Never needs caulking. Sealing collar rides with pipe as it expands and contracts during temperature fluctuations. Double seal contact between pipe and collar, assuring a leak free seal. Will not rust, corrode, warp, or crack. Lays perfectly flat on the roof. Designed to seal all types of pipe such as copper, cast iron, plastic, aluminum, and galvanized. Not for hot-mopped or built-up roofs. Do not use petroleum based products on plastic bases or rubber collars.