• Accepted Payments are Cash, Cheque, Debit, Bank Transfer/EFT’s, or Timber Mart Credit card. Payments made with Debit or Timber Mart Credit Card must be made in person at the store.

  • When Registering for a account online, enter all your information on the Registration page.If you are a existing customer you can enter your Account number in this page as well(Account numbers can be found on the top right of every one of your invoices).

  • Once that is done you will need to Verify your account with the email that's sent to you. After that we will confirm the account details and you will get another email saying your account is now active and ready to use.

In-House Charge Accounts,

  • This is a 30 day Charge Account it works like this,For example lets say you made 5 purchases in the month of June, on the first of the following month so July 1st you will get a statement detailing your monthly activity. You will then have until the 15th of July to pay the balance in full. Failure to pay the complete balance owing means after the 15th you will start to incur Finance Charges of 2% for every month the account is past due.

  • You can apply for this account by emailing Sales.chamberlain@timbermart.ca and indicate if you are looking for a Personal Account or a Business Account.

This account works by applying for a Timber Mart Brand Credit card and using that for your purchases, this can be done by going to this website. some advantages of using this account are,

  • Double Air miles on all your purchases.

  • Possible extended terms depending on the current flyer promo that is active.